10 Things I'm Thankful For, 2020 Edition

November 30th, 2020

It's been a hell of a crazy year... But since much research has shown the benefits of giving thanks, let's not forget to do so.

I realized that I didn't properly spend some time to reflect on 2020 and give thanks this past thanksgiving, so I did it just now with my girlfriend. I highly recommend spending up to 10 minutes to create a top 10 list of things you're thankful for. These items can vary from seemingly insignificant things, such as having a hot shower, to substantial things such as finding a job you enjoy. Moving forward, I hope to turn this exercise into a social activity with friends and family at every thanksgiving gathering.

Here is my list:


  1. thankful for my job. I'm grateful that I got it; it's virtual, I enjoy it, I like my co-workers, and I'm learning a lot.

    A year ago, heck, just in March, I had no idea what I would be doing for my first job. I had turned down Microsoft months ago, and COVID-19 had just hit. Somehow, by some wave of a magic wand, I stumbled upon Virtually. Without Virtually, I wouldn't have money, purpose, and have been able to move to Nevada to experience the majestic outdoors.

  2. thankful that my parents are alive, well, and healthy.

  3. thankful for my health. I have no disabilities, no sickness, can train for an Ironman, go hiking, and eat whatever I want.

  4. thankful for Carol. She continually brings joy into my life and keeps me from being lonely.

  5. thankful for friends. Tarun, Letao, Helena, Andrew, Henry, Edward are a few people I've recently enjoyed spending time with.

  6. thankful for Olga (my landlord) and for her condo. I finally have a reliable, thermostat-controlled HVAC system, hardwood floors, and homely furnishings.

  7. thankful to be living in the United States and have access to reliable utilities such as the internet, water, food whenever I want it, and electricity.

  8. thankful I have my parents' unwavering support--both mentally and somewhat financially.

  9. thankful to have been accepted as a transfer student to the University of Michigan. I'm grateful to have received an excellent education and to have such a vast network.

  10. thankful that I'm able to live in an area with unparalleled access to nature, safe suburbs to run in, and great weather.

I'm not sure what kind of a situation you're in. It could be subjectively (it's all subjective!), better or worse, but if you take some time to list out the things that you're grateful for, I'm sure your brain will thank you.