Another New Site?

July 15th, 2018

So, it seems like every few months I've been feeling discontent with my personal website, thus prompting me to rehaul my website over and over again. This frequent rehauling can be boiled down to two reasons.

  1. I have never really felt satisfied with the overall design and aesthetic of my personal website.

  2. I haven't made up my mind about starting my blog back up again or not.

I've been toying around with Jekyll and Bootstrap recently, and then I found Hugo.

Hugo is a static site generator that uses Go for templating which means that you can easily separate your content and the code that builds the site. It's completely open-source and was actually based on Jekyll. Many other people agree with me on the awesomeness of Hugo.

If you've ever wanted to create your own site that's easy to maintain and free to host, check out my next post for a great tutorial that's written for the average person in mind.

Update: Since creating this website, I'm really enjoying writing again. I think the medium in which you post on is really important. For me, at least.