👋🏼 Hey! I'm Wesley Tian.

🧑🏻‍💻 During the day, I'm a software engineer at an early-stage fintech startup. At night, I read and write about startups, nuclear fusion, space, and nutrition.

🌎 I'm currently living in San Francisco, but I grew up in San Jose, CA; metro Portland, Oregon; Taipei, Taiwan; and Shanghai, China.

Previously, I helped found an edtech startup, where I wrote half the codebase, led an engineering team of 4, and scaled the product from 0 to over 10K users. I went through Y Combinator's summer 2020 batch with the founder and we raised $1.7M in funding.

I also did software engineering at Microsoft and double majored in computer science and data science at the University of Michigan.

Follow me on Twitter here (I'll follow you back), connect with me on LinkedIn here, and email me here.