👋🏼 Hey! I'm Wesley Tian.

I'm an AI startup founder, futurist, and Ironman.

AI will be the biggest achievement of humankind. We're living through it right now.

I've been passionate about AI since I was 17.

After college, I helped build a few startups:

  • Raised money to start a stock market for sports tickets
  • Helped found Virtually (YC S20) as employee #1
  • Went through the Y Combinator startup accelerator with Virtually's founder and raised $2M from Tiger Global
  • Helped Fractional raised their $20M Series A as employee #4

Now I'm returning to my AI passion. My goal is accelerate the development of AI. AI will further accelerate science, longevity research, robotics, and the commercialization of nuclear fusion. Nuclear propulsion is the only way we'll ever be able to escape our star system and explore the rest of the universe.

My co-founder and I are building Aragon AI. We built the very first AI headshots business using cutting-edge AI research. We have thousands of users and are backed by the Z Fellowship (< 1% acceptance rate).

Here's a sample of our work. These are 100% AI-generated. No human photographers involved.

Remote ThermostatRemote ThermostatRemote Thermostat

All you need to do is upload a few selfies of yourself.

My Projects/Awards

  • Remote Thermostat Background
    Remote ThermostatRemote Thermostat
  • Final Project Competition @ EECS 445: Machine Learning (🏆 #1/205 students)
  • White Cane @ MHacks 11 Devpost
  • Fashion Filtr @ HampHack 2017 (🏆 #1) Devpost
  • Digital Interview Experience @ Fidelity Investments Hackathon 2017 (🏆 #1/12 teams)
  • ASSISTments Data Mining Competition (🏆 #3/74 teams) Report
  • Google Analytics Customer Revenue Prediction Kaggle Competition (#123/1084 teams) Details
  • UN Millenium Development Goals DrivenData Competition (#17/2000+ teams)

My Writing

Over 30,000 total reads.

My Influences

  • I've moved around a lot growing up. Places where I've lived:

    • Born in Mountain View, CA
    • Milpitas, CA (5 years)
    • Oregon (1 year)
    • Taiwan (2 years)
    • Oregon (1 year)
    • Shanghai (8 years)
    • Massachusetts (2 years)
    • Michigan (3 years)
    • Nevada (1 year)
    • Milpitas, CA (1 year)
    • I currently live in San Francisco, CA (1 year)

    These moves taught me adaptability, resilience, and open-mindedness.

  • One of my biggest inspirations is my father, who was forced to spend his teenage years manually farming due to China's Cultural Revolution. He carried buckets of water on his shoulders to his family everyday and has multiple scars on his hands from using farming scythes. He never got the chance to finish middle or high school. Through extreme grit, he eventually made it to the USA, studied electrical engineering, and moved to Silicon Valley to contribute to the semiconductor and computing industry. Against all odds, he's now the CEO of a public semiconductor company.

    He's been an inspiration for my interest in deep tech, my ambition for advancing humanity, and the belief that anything is possible.

  • Elon Musk